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Latest Caused of Thaagam Foundation.

Feed a Homeless Person

₹ 25 / Person

"Feed a hungry stomach and Protect the poor from malnutrition and starvation.

Give a Egg & Milk

₹ 30 / Child

Providing eggs and milk to children is not just nourishing their bodies; it's feeding their dreams and giving them a brighter, healthier future.

Get a Wish Video

₹ 2500 / 100 Persons

Feed the homeless people and children and get wish video from them.

Donate a Gift for Hospital Children

Starting From ₹ 100

Surprise the children in the hospital by giving them gifts that are affordable for you.

Virtual cake Cutting Celebration

₹ 4000 / celebration

Celebrate an Exquisitely tender Birthday party in the most vibrant way possible with the marvelous kids.

Sponsor a Birthday Cake

₹ 1500 - 20 Childrens

Celebrate your Birthday with 20 food for homeless childrens + 1 cake.

Support an Orphanage

Staring from ₹ 1500

Help us support orphanages by joining hands with us.

Feed a homeless person Chicken Biriyani

₹ 120 / Person

Feed a Hungry stomach and Project the poor from Malnutrition and Starvation.

Sponsor a Child Education

Starting ₹ 800

Support our Education initiative to educate homeless children living on the streets.

Feed a StrayDog

₹ 35 / Stray Dog

Thousands of Dogs die due to Starvation everyday in India. Help us Protect them.

Give a Grocery Kit

₹ 500 / Kit

Empower a Transgender and protect them From selling their body and dignity for their daliy marvelousby giving them a grocery kit.

Donate for Sri Lanka

₹ 500 / Kit

Support the people suffering in the Sri Lanka Crisis.

Give a Blanket

₹ 200 / person

Winter is the time for comfort, But the homeless people shiver day and night.

Child Care Kit

Starting from ₹ 100

Creating happiness is the greatest thing a human being can create.

Plant a Tree

₹ 55 / Person

Help us Protect the mother earth by planting native tree saplings.


Latest Caused of Thaagam Foundation.