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The Narikuravar are an indigenous community from Tamil Nadu, India. Originally, the main occupation of this indigenous tribe was hunting. However, because they were forbidden to enter the forest to pursue their livelihood, they were forced to find other ways to make a living, such as selling beaded ornaments. Hence, they migrate from place to place to find a market for their beads. Children accompany adults everywhere and are deprived of school education. There has been discrimination against Narikurabas since ancient times. For various reasons, they are considered untouchable and are not allowed to go on streets frequented by upper castes.

They were put under the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871 under British control in India, and were stigmatised for a long time, including after Independence. They were de-notified in 1952, but the stigma still exists. However, Narikurabas have not yet been recognized as a scheduled tribe. According to various reports, about 30,000 people in the Narikuravar community across the state live without access to government welfare schemes due to lack of essential documents such as ration cards, Aadhaar cards, and birth certificates. Other than discrimination, major issues Narikurabas are facing are poverty, illiteracy, and diseases.

In collaboration with SATHYABAMA DENTAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL, we have arranged a dental screening camp for Narikuravar community on 21st Jun 2022. Doctors have examined each and every underprivileged person who took part and provided them necessary treatment. People were enthusiastic to understand dental health and hygiene explained to them. We feel delighted to have this opportunity to serve humanity.

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