About Us


We, Thaagam Foundation, a non-government organisation, is working towards elevating the livelihoods of all living beings. Our thirst (‘thaagam’) is to serve humanity. We believe humanity consists of people, animals, and the environment. We uphold our commitments to all living things by implementing innovative and effective programmes for the underprivileged, animal welfare, and the environment.

Since we started in 2018, we have been feeding the homeless. Our service activities for the underprivileged are stretched towards their medical treatment and providing education too. We have the opportunity to provide happiness to the kids in orphanages by providing them with food, essentials and recreational items. We are feeding the stray dogs. Beyond feeding, we identify, research, and rescue them. Planting trees is another mission for a green and healthy environment.

We are registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 for charitable and not-for-profit purposes. We have received 12AA and 80 G Certificates from the Income Tax Department for its transparency and are working with the United Nations on their Global Compact Program to develop ground-breaking policies. We are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Corporate companies are engaging in CSR initiatives too.

Concern About Our Mission

Our Mission
Concern About Our Mission

Thaagam foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to uplift the life of every individual by providing basic requirements.

Our Vision
Concern About Our Mission

Our efforts are envisioned to stem the tide of poverty and social isolation and to rekindle hope for a better future. We think that everyone has the right to have parity of access to the resources and opportunities they need for a dignified life and to participate fully in society. We have a dream of a world where there is no starvation, hunger, or poverty, and we are consistently striving for that.

Our Goal
Concern About Our Mission

With your participation, we aspire to help humanity by uplifting all aspects of human, animal, and environmental well-being. Together, we can resolve the imbalance in society by empowering all underprivileged individuals and lead them to a better world of Equality, Dignity and Respect.