Our Causes

₹ 25/Per person

Feed a Homeless Person

Feed a Hungry stomach and Protet the poor from Malnutrition and Starvation.

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₹ 35/Per stay dog

Feed a Stray Dog

Thousands of dogs die due to starvation everyday in india. Help us protect them.

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₹ 500/Per kit

give a Grocery kit

Help a poverty Stricken family get a basic essential kit for their survival.

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₹ 35/Per person

Give a Mask

The Poor are most vulnarable to Covid-19 Virus. Help Protect us by giving them masks.

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₹ 55/Per tree

Plant A Tree

Help us Protect the mother earth by planting native tree saplings.

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Starting From ₹ 1500

Support an Orphange

Help us support orphanages by joining hands with us.

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