About us

Thaagam foundation is a non governmental organisation which works towards uplifting the livelihoods of all living beings. Thaagam is a right channel for compassionate individuals where we feed people, stray dogs and also plant trees. We research, rescue and identify the needs of the people and also rescue stray dogs, abandoned pets. Thaagam foundation is registered as a Sec.8 Company under companies act 2013 for charitable or not-for-profit-purposes. We have also received a 12A Certificate from the commissioner of Income Tax. We are proud partners with United Nations Organisation in their global compact programs.

Thaagam Foundation, an NGO for poor childrens,abandoned people and stray dogs directly benefiting over 5000+ every day, through more than 150+ Thaagam foundation volunteers,We serve all over 100+ rural and slum areas in and out of chennai.Working towards uplifting the livelihoods of all living beings. Started in 2018, We have been feeding the homeless,Stray dogs and Planting trees ever since. We, Not only feed them but also identify, research and rescue them. We focus on satisfying the basic needs of every suffering individual's. Our approach is holistic and our style hands on.We are on the ground, where it matters most for the needed. We enable both families and communities.Donate money for orphans and create a balanced society.

Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

Thaagam foundation is a nonprofit organization aiming to uplift the life of every individual by providing basic requirements to the poor and needy, We support people of all backgrounds to construct a healthy and socially balanced community. “Uplifting the livelihood of all living beings” is our main motto and we serve every individual who approach us for help on day-to-day basis. We research, understand and reach out to people through street survey with our volunteer’s. We have expanded our emphasis by feeding domesticated animals like stray dogs and abandoned pets. Every life on earth matters to us! Let us be the voice to those voiceless.

We envision a world where the people most vulnerable will be able to uplift themselves out of starvation, hunger and get the basic needs for survival. We help create healthy life for their families and communities by providing them food, now and for the future.

We work to serve humanity with your help to uplift the livelihood of people,animals and our environment on the whole level. Together, we can reduce an imbalance in the society and also inspire other people to join the good cause for a better world of living.